Care of the deceased and visiting

“Care of your loved one is of paramount importance to us”

Whilst every aspect of the funeral is important, we feel that the correct care of your loved one is essential. Your loved one will be transferred to our premisses in Pentre Broughton and this is where they will remain until the funeral takes place.

We aim to ensure that if you wish to visit your loved one, attendance at our modern and comfortable air-conditioned viewing rooms should help ensure the memory of your loved one be that of ‘peacefully asleep’.

Female and Male Team members - We have both female and male team members to care for and dress your loved one to ensure their dignity is always upheld.

Embalming - At Roberts Bros we have the most up-to-date modern facilities in the area and often embalming is not necessary. We aim to try and avoid embalming whenever possible due to the invasiveness of the procedure and the environmental impact; we will ensure your loved one is hygienically cared for and always treated with the upmost dignity. However, in some circumstances embalming may be required to help assist with presentation and preservation of the deceased together with protection for the living. When we feel this is necessary, we can arrange this for you. If you do not wish for your loved one to be cared for in this way, please do not hesitate to raise the subject with your funeral arranger.

Dressing your loved one - You may wish to provide us with your loved one’s own clothing, this could be smart or casual, but we would usually recommend choosing clothing that would best reflect your loved one in life. (Crematoriums recommend that clothing should be of natural fibres where possible and that shoes and clothing manufactured using PVC should be avoided).

Alternatively, you may require us to provide the traditional style Shroud/Robe or dressing-gown - these lightly patterned robes are presented with pillow and single side lining, complementing inlay and trim and are available in a choice of colours and materials.

When can we visit the deceased? - You are welcome to visit your loved one, by appointment. However, we are limited as to how we can present your loved one until the necessary statutory registration and medical certificates have been completed - until the documentation is complete and your choice of clothing and coffin has been made, your loved one will be presented as though in bed.

We will be able to advise when you are able to attend to visit your loved one dressed and resting in the chosen coffin, visits are strictly by appointment only.

Our visiting rooms are usually, but not exclusively, open between 9:30am – 5:45pm Monday to Thursday, 9:30am - 5pm Friday and 10am - 12noon on Saturdays.

Additionally, with our traditional service, appointments are also available outside of usual hours but need to be booked the day before the intended visit; or by 4pm on a Friday for weekend appointments. We do not mind how many times you visit, each appointment is usually allocated 30 minutes, please advise when booking your appointment if you would like your time to be longer.

You may request an open or closed coffin during your visit. You may like to bring flowers, photographs or cards to place in or around the coffin.

If you wish, music or video tracks can also be chosen to play in the room during your visit.

Permission to attend the chapel of rest must be received by us from the person responsible for making the funeral arrangement prior to any visit.

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To continue the long-established family traditions of personal service and care to families in their time of need.