Arranging a funeral

Tailored to your wishes...

The funeral arrangements will be tailored to your particular wishes, whether they are simple or elaborate. We offer a wide range of services and can adjust not only to your needs, but also to your financial means. We will arrange a meeting either at your home, at our office, or remotely if it helps, but always in a way that will be most comfortable for you.

The following points have been compiled to help you think about the kind of decisions that will need to be made when arranging a funeral.

• Is the funeral to be burial or cremation?

• Is the ceremony to be held in a religious meeting place, cemetery or crematorium chapel?

• Are there any dates or times of day to avoid (E.g. Child collection times, Holidays etc..)

• The departure point of the hearse and any additional family transportation that may be required.

• Do you have a preference for any particular Minister, Officiant, Civil Celebrant or person to conduct the ceremony?

• The content of the service; would you want to incorporate music, hymns, spoken tributes etc.?

• Printed orders of service, if required - numbers required, design style, copies of photographs etc.

• Are you going to invite donations at the service and if so, to which charity or organisation?

• Are you welcoming flowers from mourners or are you requesting family flowers only?

• Who will be organising any floral tributes?

• Are there to be refreshments following the service, if so where and who will organise these?

• What is to happen following the service with regards to cremated remains? (if cremation)

• Would anyone wish to visit the deceased in our chapel of rest?

• How is the deceased to be dressed? (In their own clothes or in a traditional gown/shroud)?

• What is to happen with any jewellery or property which the deceased may have with them?

• Would you like us to publish details of the funeral for you in the press or online? If so, the potential wording.

• Thoughts in relation to the choice of coffin, whether it is to be traditional in its appearance or of an alternative construction or appearance.

• Will the family be involved as bearers or will this be left to our professional staff?

You are not under pressure to make any decisions, you do not need to consider all or any of these questions if you do not feel ready, we are happy to discuss everything in detail with you when we meet.

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